Gold As An Asset In 2021

Gold As An Asset In 2021

In 2020, COVID-19 claimed millions of lives and caused an economic crash that the world is still trying to recover from in 2021. As the USA recovers from the economic shutdown during the Lockdown, investors have many questions in their minds. The stock market has been volatile and as current trends suggest, even solely depending on crypto is now no longer an option.

Investors need to be smart with their investments, now more than ever, as the volatility of the market can cause a crash at any time. With many looking for a safer option, we are here to suggest it for you, Gold. You may wonder why because gold has experienced its share of issues during the pandemic. However, gold as an asset is the option that is steadily rising in its value. It is the asset you would want to invest in 2021 and here is why –

It will diversify your investment portfolio 

A diverse portfolio is a successful one, all investors know that. Gold not only makes your portfolio have diversity, but it also increases its value. Despite what others may be saying, with the COVID situation still volatile, gold might be a safer option to keep in your bag, just in case.

The price of Gold is moving up 

This is enough of an indication for you to know that it is time to buy gold before it gets too far out of your reach. Gold may have gone down briefly but now it is only inching towards its forgotten glory and you want to be there to bask in it.

It is important to Global Economy 

Gold does not back the US dollar anymore, is it any reason to ignore it though? Absolutely not! Gold is still a very important component of the global economy and ignoring it like akin to focusing on a drop when you have a whole sea in front of you. Just look at the kind of gold reserves the International Monetary Fund (IMF) holds and you would know its importance.

Gold is the hedge against the dollar 

US Dollar has declined a lot over the last year and as inflation threatens to ruin the economy further, gold is one commodity that acts as a hedge in both scenarios. When the economy goes down, the rate of gold goes up and it is reason enough to invest in it now in 2021 before it is too late. The mere fact is, gold preserves wealth and in times of trouble, you would rather want yourself to have it with you than not.

It is the investment that can potentially save you 

We have said it before and it cannot be stressed enough that times are extremely volatile now. With COVID cases again rising in the USA, we are looking at an uncertain rest of the year. As mentioned, Gold is not backed by the US Dollar in which case if the dollar declines again and becomes weaker, it can be a threat to a lot of US citizens, even to those who rely on the US for business. In such a case, gold will be the only saving grace, granted you have it. This is one investment that will protect your interests and save you from running into a loss.

It is clear that with the changing market trends and an unstable economy, investing is not exactly a piece of cake. However, investing in commodities -like gold as an asset in 2021- is still a decision that will prove beneficial in the future. It is always said– better to be safe than sorry and with gold, you are safe and prosperous.


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