Know All About Gold Stock Software!

You have your gold but what happens next? Gold is an expensive metal which comes with its own set of risks. The real struggle is not buying it rather what happens once you have it. Keeping a track of all your gold can be exhausting, with price fluctuations and the dynamic sales and purchase processes, it is of utmost importance that you invest in a gold stock software that helps you with being on top of your game.

Gold stock software can make a lot of things easy for you. Not only making your data keeping virtual also means it becomes safer and more secure, but it is also easier to update. The days of bulky ledgers are about over and a gold stock software is the kind of hello that will make your business boom. This software makes customer service and supports better while also managing various sales or purchases at the same time effortlessly.

Gold stock software sounds great, however, before buying one, here are the features you must look for while making a decision:

  1. Sales and Purchases – It must have a feature to track all your sales and purchases in real-time. It should be able to follow the rise and fall of stock and all the transactions as they are happening for correct calculations and rates at all times.
  2. Compatible with GST – The software you decide to go fro must be compatible with the system of GST and how taxes are applied and deducted. Almost all items you own in gold will have a certain percentage of tax that is applied on them even while they are in your inventory, it is crucial that the software you are going for has all the possible capabilities to deal with the issues of GST as they arrive during sales, purchase and inventory process.
  3. Should be customer and supplier friendly – Now when we say that we don’t necessarily mean that it needs to be customer and supplier friendly for only the good of your customers or suppliers. It also benefits you greatly. If the software has all your customer and supplier data and can store it in a systematic way, it becomes easier for you to present an error-free summary of transaction whenever required.
  4. POS Billing feature – You cannot sell gold without issuing some kind of bill or invoice, it is utmost important that you have a copy yourself too because you never know when you may end up needing them. Papers are hard to store and keep a track of, especially during those times when there are rapid sale and purchase transactions. The software should provide you with quick and faultless calculations and make the process of creating bills easier, especially when done in a bulk.
  5. Barcode generation and scanning – Gold nowadays comes with barcodes or you may choose to put them on your gold for the purposes of easy inventory and tracking of where they are coming from and where they are going. The software you choose should know how to both generate and read a barcode and occasional QR codes as well. These are great for inventory and can also be combined with the billing system for the optimal and efficient sale and purchase process.
  6. Inventory system – If you tend to store your gold at different places or you invest in various metals then the software you are going for, make sure it offers the service of serializing your inventory to keep track of all your metals and transactions while they are in inventory and when they are out of it as well.

Though there are more features you can look for, these are few that are a must in any software that you may be planning to invest in. Gold stock software is the easy road towards efficiency and profits that come without cumbersome handling of papers.



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